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Tips and Hints
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Quick links to the most popular topics in this website

Accident reporting - when is it required to report a vehicle accident in each state?  How do you do it?

Alcohol and Indigenous Lands - What are the laws?  What are the penalties?

Bread - making fresh bread when on the road

Children - Travelling with children

Carbon Monoxide poisoning - what are the risks? 

Choosing your rig - Caravan, motorhome, fifth wheeler, camper trailer?  What will really suit your needs?

Communications what are the options?

Disability - Travelling with a disability, and wheelchair accessible caravans

Dump Points - how and where to find points for emptying toilet cassettes and tanks

Emergency telephone numbers - Royal Flying Doctor Service, Police and State Emergency Services

Fire Safety - When can and can't campfires be lit?

First Aid - What you need to know and take

Food and cooking - tips about food when on the move, what keeps well, quick and easy meals to cook.

Fossicking - which states do you require a licence in? 

Fishing and Boating regulations and requirements state by state

Free and Low Cost camping lists Websites to help you find a camp and our growing Lists of Camping Areas state by state

Free Camping  how to find a good spot and best of the free and low cost camps we have visited 

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Full time on the road - a few questions answered about coping with no fixed address

Fuel availability and prices

Gas Cylinders - Which cyclinder to use for caravanning - see Australian Gas Bottle Standards

Gas safety - How to stay safe with gas

Generators sociable use in campgrounds

Generators generators in National Parks, State Parks and  Reserves; where and what conditions apply?

Hayman Reese Weight Distribution Hitch - how to set it up

Heating and cooling - if staying outside of powered sites, what do you really need?

Identifying nature - Good links for identifying birds, butterflies, wlidflower or ant other groups of animals or insects

Keeping camping simple - Do you need all those extras promoted to caravanners?  How do do it simply and easily

Keeping costs down - all about travel costs and how to keep them within your budget

Levelling your caravan - how to check the easy way

Links - to websites useful for travel safety and interest

Mail - Do you really need all your mail forwarded?  Best ways of handling mail.

Non refrigerated food and meals

Packing what to take

Passes and Permits where are they needed, how to obtain them and what is the cost?

Pets - Travelling with a pet

Pets in Parks - What are the rules and where can you take your pet? 

Photography - Hints for taking and backing up your holiday memories.  What do you need to take quick and easy holiday snaps?  See Choosing your Camera

Power what are the options for power when travelling? 

See also What's New for the lastest additions to this website and the News Pages for the latest snippets about places, campgrounds, National Parks, new dump points and other news of benefit to caravanners and campers. 
Want to know more? Ask us

Quarantine - state borders and exclusion zones

Road conditions - How to find out about road conditions and closures on line or by phone

Roadside Rest Areas - how to find Main Roads rest area in each state

Roadside Assist - What is on offer state by state

Safe driving and road rules - Road rules in each state, and what you require for towing

Self Contained - what does it really mean?

Smoke alarms - which type is best?

Starting out what do you need?

Stone deflectors see there are many different designs

Tasmania - all you need to know about crossing the Bass Strait

Toilets - what about chemicals or additives?

Towing - a correctly loaded rig: ATM, GTM, GCM, GVM - what do all those letters mean?

Trip planning and Safety - Including a Trip Planner, Time Frames and lots more

UHF 80 Channels Chart - Which channels to use and which is used for what purposes, with a printable chart 

Volunteering - how to find volunteer work, such as campsite hosting or other work with accommodation

Washing machines - what are the options?

Water how much do you need and how to economise when short

Water what to do in an emergency situation

Water where to find water when not in caravan parks

Wildflowers of Western Australia - Everyone loves the wildflowers of the West

Work how to find employment when travelling


See more topics on our new Index Pages and our state by state Travel Index